About Opal Parsian Sangan

Summary of Introduction to Opal Parsian Sangan Industrial and Mineral (OPSIM)

This company was established in order to manage and develop concentrate and pelletizing factories of Sangan industrial and mineral complexes. A consortium of several private domestic companies, as a partner and investor, has been set up at Sangan Iron Ore Complex with a view to increasing the production capacity of iron ore concentrate from 6.2 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes of pellets. This program is also in line with the strength of the economy and the maximum use of the power of domestic companies, as well as the implementation of the objectives of Article 44 of the Constitution, the macro policies of the state and the new programs of IMIDRO are being implemented. A range of Sangan iron ore complex, available to the Industrial and Mineral Complex of Opal Parsian Sangan, is an area of ​​approximately 200 hectares. Currently Opal Parsian Sangan is operating a production unit of concentrate with a capacity of 2.6 million tons per year and a pellet production unit with a capacity of 5 million tons per year. It is worth noting that the preliminary studies and design of a unit of concentrate with a capacity of 2.4 million tons per year has been completed and its operation has begun.


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