OPSIM Commercial & Export Department

Trading and Export Division of Opal Parsian Sangan Co. All activities that lead to the identification, maintenance and development of profitable customers and the brand name enhancement of Opal Parsian Sangan Co. are among its top priorities.Goals, affairs and tasks such as:

  • * Collecting effective and useful information and presenting unit managers to benchmark the best
  • * Monitor the work of people under management and provide the necessary guidance to them
  • * Participate in managerial meetings, hear and receive reports, and answer questions about business affairs
  • * Evaluating the effectiveness, creativity and discipline of the people under management and the necessary action in this regard
  • * Coordination and cooperation with quality assurance management in order to increase the quality of products, match contracts and products with requirements, comments and requirements.
  • * A report of the activities performed along with the necessary analysis at the end of each month to the CEO
  • * Preparation, compilation and updating of the duties of the sales department personnel
  • * Personnel assessment in order to implement the personnel assessment system correctly

Procurement and supply unit

The procurement and supply unit of the units supplying the production lines of the Opal Parsian Sangan Company, which carries out the following tasks:
  • * Control and monitor how the company purchases in the framework of regulations and regulations of transactions
  • * Addressing and contacting companies, companies and factories to meet the needs of the company
  • * Negotiate with customers and suppliers and draft contracts for sales and purchases and submit to the management of the company for verification and approval.
  • * Transmission of contracted information to related units
  • * Ensuring the accuracy of the purchase information for all requested actions such as raw materials, spare parts and ...
  • * Get accurate purchasing data from the unit to complete the purchase with the request
  • * Supervise the process of purchasing supplies, raw materials, spare parts and consumables and other equipment and tools
  • * Assessing subcontractors and designing appropriate programs to upgrade them
  • * Anticipate the stages of opening the credit, shipping and clearance goods in order to consider them in the order of goods
  • * Performing calculations to determine the currency required for purchasing foreign goods

Sales and Marketing Unit

The sales and marketing unit is responsible for selling the products of factories or exporting them. The discovery of new markets and market research is also one of the tasks of the unit. The main tasks of this unit are listed below:
  • * Receive and review statistics and sales information, and examine the causes of upside and downward fluctuations and take appropriate measures.
  • * Coordination with the planning unit in order to know the available capacity and capacity of the company to develop the marketing activities, timely delivery of current contracts, and the formulation of a macro annual production plan.
  • * Identify competitors in domestic and overseas industrial markets and marketing appropriate for products.
  • * Marketing, advertising, organization introduction in industrial markets and advertising. Abilities of the organization to supply more products
  • * Contracts include negotiating with customers and drafting a contract, contracting and transferring all information to the relevant units within the organization, transferring the contract to the sales expert and incorporating it into the current contract, announcing the contract to the sales expert for delivery to the unit
  • * Planning, overseeing the work of reviewing product sales contracts
  • * Negotiate with customers and suppliers, and draft contracts for sales and purchases, and submit it to the management for verification and approval ....
  • * Providing orders and time requested by the customer to the production unit and production planning and tracking shipments at requested times.
  • * Participation in the formulation of strategy and goals of selling products and services of the company in the domestic markets.
  • * Preparation and development of internal sales operations plans based on market strategy and capacity and production facilities.
  • * Leading the sales process and performing operations related to the business and the implementation of sales, from the moment of receipt of orders until delivery to customers.
  • * Coordinating with the relevant units in order to ensure timely delivery of orders received.
  • * Monitor the process of communicating with customers in order to collect the required information.
  • * Planning to collect comments, suggestions and expectations of customers about company products.
  • * Supervise the process of preparing and compiling sales contracts.

Address and contact details of the Trading Unit

Head Office:
  • No 43,West 20st, North Allameh, Sa'aadat Abad St, Tehran, IRAN
  • ➕98 21 26743918
  • ➕98 21 26743929
  • Mr. Behrouz Mahjoobi <>
  • Trade Head Office <>

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